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November 4, 2012
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Zika Ukobach ~Full Reference~ by Zarcoal Zika Ukobach ~Full Reference~ by Zarcoal
~Name : Zika Ukobach

~Nickname : Zika

~Species : Shapeshifting Mini Demon

~Gender : Female

~Age : 3

~Birth Date : November 20th

~Height : 1' 3"

~Weight : About 15 lbs.

~Physical Faults : She has a scar at the base of her left wing, which was blow off in an incident with a "friend".

~Speech : She talks pretty much normal, and when she's typing online she always makes sure to use correct punctuation and is a total Grammar Nazi. :P

~Personality : Well, her main personality falls under that of her Zodiac sign, the Scorpio... I didn't even do that one purpose so don't ask, it just happened. |D But generally Zika is a nice person that has that what-the-going-gets-tough-the-tough-get-going attitude. Most of the time she is brave, but sometimes she feels the need to run and hide.

~Family : Zika doesn't really have any real family, but she considers her small number of friends a family.

~Friend(s) : Blue, Silvy, Zaz, Zam, Zar (me :P), and Shadow

~Occupation : She usually likes to embark on dangerous expeditions for the fun and thrill of it.

~Secrets : Well if I told you they wouldn't be secrets, now would they. ;P

~Habits : She does have a bad habit of... burning things. >w>

~Phobias / Fears : Aichmophobia, Astraphobia, Hydrophobia, Lilapsophobia, Nosocomephobia, Tonitrophobia
Look'em up. XD

~Habitat / Environment : Zika likes warm environment, with at least a little fire.

~Residence : My house. :P

~Diet : She's a vegetarian.

~Favorite Foods : Apples

~Favorite Beverage : Apple Juice/Cider

~Abilities / Strengths : Zika can fly, breathe fire, and shape-shift. Her ability to shape-shift can be considered a "magical" trait, and she rarely ever uses it, unless she truly has to. Zika's fire-breath ability is considered a physical trait, and she used this ability a lot. She is a very fast and swift flyer, and she also has cat-like retractable claws for close combat.

~Weaknesses / Illnesses : Zika has a bad fear of drowning, as she can't swim.

~Mental Stability / Emotional Weaknesses : Zika hates being reminded of times she's almost drowned, and she has a bad memory of the time one of her "friends" blew her left wing off. She hasn't seen that person since.

~Personal Opinions About Themselves : Her self esteem... isn't that great. :/

~Power / Warning Notes : Zika has somewhat of a short temper, and can be very quick and stealthy while in the air. Her claws are also very sharp, as she sharpens them every day when she's bored.

~Miscellaneous : Zika has a different kind of blood, due to her fire breath. If Zika breathes too much fire at once, it will boil her blood into turning from a normal reddish color to a bright orange, which can be dangerous if it reaches a certain temperature, which she could then overheat and pass out. Zika's fur has also adapted to her fire breath. Her fur is mostly fire-proof, but, like her blood, it can overheat. Zika breaths fire and rolls around in it to keep warm in the colder seasons. If Zika's fur gets too hot and overheats, Zika could potentially pass out.

EDIT~ Yes, I remade this with a different written bio sheet. u.u


YAY it's done! :D I've had Zika for about two years now... So I figured I should make her a final and official ref. :aww: Zika ACTUALLY started out as a fan character for Invader Zim. In fact, she was originally intended to represent myself. XD But over time she grew into her own person, and became the cute little furry fireball she is today. c: I would be heartbroken if anyone tried to steal her... Either that, or I'd just all out rage. ;3 Hehehe, just kidding! But really guys, please don't steal. I worked really hard on Zika and this reference, and I'd hate to have any art theft or character theft of her. ;< So anyway... I hope this reference helps you guys! Enjoy! :aww:

Zika Ukobach (c) ~Zoura1
Written OC Bio Sheet (c) =BlackBloodedDarkrai
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...Isn't Zika technically 3 now? o3o
Zarcoal Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
... Pfft- yes xD Okay changed it
Zarcoal Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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